Lados Oscuros

They tell me to follow my heart, but my heart has led me to all the wrong places I have been. It fell in love with all the wrong things and their shiny, glittering and promising sparks of better.

I would always run to them, mad eager to have reached the end of the rainbow once and for all. And then another end would shine brighter and they would tell me, once again, to follow my heart.

Am I nothing but a sum of brief, blissful moments that can’t be sustained once the party is over? Am I nothing but what the world gives me on silver platters and I, unable to stop playing, take it all?

It seems as if it’s all a huge trade. You give your passion and the Universe gives you addiction in return. There’s a high price to pay for happiness – an overloaded memory, bleeding out and poisoning your entire systems with regret.

You sell your soul to the devil the very first time you step into a funhouse.

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