six months no shopping

Good morning internet! My name is Anca and I hate small talk but for once I feel like I need it to ease myself into this post, so how’s your weekend so far… ? Ok, cool.

So here’s the deal (this sounds way more like me): I’m looking at my inbox and I see a couple of emails from yesterday.

The first one says “Your order of “Hey Sorry Im Late I Didnt…” You can probably imagine what this one is – one of those super cool, super IDGAF “hey sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” t-shirts! I don’t know if I’ll wear this one, ever. I tend to hang out with people I like, and I don’t really want to make them feel I don’t. It may just turn into one of my 17820 t-shirts to sleep in, rather than my 5402932 t-shirts to go out in. *shrugs*

The second one says “Your ASOS order 470773966 has been despatched“. Well, this contains a much more socially acceptable thing. A pretty, flowery skirt is on its way to me as we speak. I will wear it at work! Probably. Or it will live in my wardrobe, together with my other 3851 skirts, and never once see the light of day. Also quite probably. Who knows? Deciding what to actually do with it once I’ve got it is all part of the buzz.

I promise that bag wasn’t to hide all the shopping I’d done that day.

The third one says “Check out your Year In Monzo, Anca!” I got myself a Monzo card to hold myself accountable. The result? Monzo shows me everything I spend money on and shames me – during, after and way after shopping.  It’s a really great card to lower your self-esteem. The plastic version of your inner critic, if you will. “Do you remember that time, seven years ago, when you…

The first two order confirmations make a lot of sense (in my head), because I’ve decided to treat myself to two last things that I absolutely did not need in a desperare “fuck it, I deserve ’em” before saying… in bold and all caps… BYE SHOPPING.

I’m not treating myself to any more new clothes for six months, no matter how frustrating I will find the process and want to turn it into checkout bags. (Am I already frustrated? Absolutely.)

  • I will still allow myself to buy stuff if and when I need it. There’s no way I’m figuring out how to keep wearing the same two pairs of socks I have left for 6 months. Even though I have 472910047 at the moment. You never know when they run out!
  • I can also buy something that is really, really different from the things I already own. This is because I usually tend to buy variations of the exaaact same thing. As my dad put it, “You didn’t have it in this colour?
  • And I can totally, shamelessly suggest ideas to my loved ones and accept presents for being such a good girl. *cough*

And that’s it. I have no idea what I am getting myself into since I LOVE collecting (sometimes wearing) beautiful things I see. But I would also LOVE to save more money, get more creative with the clothes I already have, and find new ways to treat myself on a rainy day.

I’ll document and complain about the journey here and on instagram ’till 18 July 2020, when I’ll probably take a day off and BUY STUFF.

My only plan so far is to not go into shops anymore, unsubscribe from all newsletters, and brag about it a lot. Sounds good? Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound good at all.

But, until the big day comes, wish me luck and hold me accountable (kinda like Monzo does.) HERE WE GO! *face slap emoji*


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