By the Time You’ve Finished Your Coffee


Happy Monday (thanks to coffee ☕) to everyone except those who don’t read my blog.

I recently wrote six months no shopping, a post meant to put me to shame in the eventuality that I break my promise not to shop for any pretty, pointless, I’ve-gotta-have-it-though-I’m-not-sure-why things for six months.

Well… I broke it in two weeks.

I was left to my own devices for exactly one hour in Old Spitalfields Market on Sunday morning, and instead of going for cappuccino & chill, I went straight to & Other Stories and bought myself a delicious, mint green… tea? No, not tea 🍵 but dress.

Yep. It happened. Well, I made it happen, but whatever. 👗

However, in the past two weeks I have been pretty good, so I don’t feel like being too hard on myself for the slip. I spent exactly £50 on the strictly essential, like lunches and transport, and that was about it. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat. And go places where she can’t buy anything.

On a slightly more serious note, I also read The Latte Factor and it made me think about my spending habits. I don’t spend 5$ (the story takes place in the US) on lattes daily because, luckily I guess, I am perfectly happy with filter coffee from work. But I do spend money on useless things that have gone from little joys to little bad habits, and I wanted to change that.

I am now “paying myself first”, meaning that I deserve to keep some of the money I make (it took me a while, I know.) As soon as my salary’s in, part of it goes into my savings accounts. I’ve set up standing orders so I don’t have to remember to do it, and once it’s there I don’t touch it – unless it’s for the reasons it’s there. I’ve got two of those, one for short term and one for long term savings.

I can use money in the first one to pay for things like holidays, concerts and such. So far I’ve booked a trip to Valencia, got tickets to see Alicia Keys at the O2, and treated myself a new pair of glasses. As you can guess, the account is suffering, but that’s fine. For as long as there’s money in there, I can do some cool stuff. Once it’s gone, I’ve got to wait…

The long term is trickier and while I haven’t determined where that money’s gonna go, the main idea is that it doesn’t quite go anywhere (unless something big is happening, like moving houses or buying a castle in south of France and giving up this life once and for all!) 🏰

I’ve also set up direct debits and standing orders for rent, bills and day to day stuff, which goes into my Monzo account. It’s not a lot, but then again I’m trying to not spend a lot, so it works. Or so I hope. I’m still figuring it all out, but I’m enjoying the ups (still figuring them out) and downs (feeling bad for buying a dress, lol) of the process.

I’ve become more mindful with the space and things I own. I’ve realised that maximalism must be curated too, or it turns into tasteless hoarding. I’ve cleaned, donated and decided to use the rest, rather than save it for special occasions that never come.

Every day is a special occasion if you really think about it (because there’s always the chance of running into someone who once friendzoned you), and that’s what I’m trying to do here. Figure out how to make myself feel good while also saving. Ah, the antithesis.

But bear with me, I’m sure there is something to all this. And frankly, cynicism and my impulsive purchase aside, it’s quite strange and liberating to see things in a new light. I’m willing to be patient, persistent and relatively consistent here.

The first two tips on in the book – pay yourself first, make it automatic – are the how, but the why is the third and most important part. And that’s one’s dreams. They’re important, even if sometimes we forget just how important. But they’re like oxygen. Without them, your life suffocates.

I’m trying to reassess what matters the most to me and follow that, but I know it’s likely to be costly. Spending less on miniature decorations in the meantime may prove helpful. Unless, of course, it’s miniature decorations that matter the most. I am still debating with myself on that one.

I’ll try to document a bit more of what I’m doing, both on WordPress and Instagram. Let me know your thoughts on how to go about it and the type of posts that may inspire you to do the same, or at least have a good laugh at my attempts to do it.

Just please don’t be like Facebook and tempt me by recommending things I may like, like this one here. 🙃

Kind of ashamed, kind of happy with the new dress. But for the purpose of this article… fine, kind of ashamed.

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