Mindscapes is Here – Paperback and ebook 📖

Hi WordPress 👋🏻 I’m as happy as my blog’s logo to tell you that I’ve decided to self-publish and that my book is here! I’ve been wanting to publish my writings since 2016, but excuses over excuses let fear win for years. Two months ago, though, along came lockdown – and together with it the need to find a creative project to work on.

The result is Mindscapes, a collection of short stories, journal entries and introspective fiction written over the years and edited over the last few weeks. Together, they create a series of experimental fiction that may be more relatable than expected. And I am so, so proud and excited to share the result with you!

I hope you like my mug ☕️

Some pieces were written years ago, while others are recent. I mixed them together, for they are all me in the end. My stories aren’t always linear, and may not always make perfect sense to the reader. Sometimes I only want to capture a feeling on paper. Other times I try to build new worlds and shape a character or two. I experiment with different styles to find my voice.

I can’t wait for you to meet my journal of things I loved and moments I lived – some real, most fictionalised. They are all here, in this album of mindscapes I have been travelling through. Grab a copy, kindle format or paperback, and let me know your thoughts! ☕️

📦 Amazon Link Here 🚚

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