amore & tortellini

For some time now I have been a blogger without a blog. Or rather, a blogger who chose to ignore her blog. Life was big and busy, you see. Life was moving from London all the way to sunny Italy, and navigating every little thing that makes up a life in yet another foreign language. Life was finally getting the dog I’d been dreaming of ever since I discovered there were dogs on this beautiful earth (made beautiful by, well, dogs, and a few other things). Life was daring to go freelance and starting my own little copywriting biz. Life was love, the sweet kind I never thought I’d find, because who could see me and love me at the same time long enough to make me believe this is it? This is it, though. It’s the life and the love I have always dreamed of, and I am so damn grateful for the way things turned out.

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Mindscapes is Here 📖

Hi WordPress 👋🏻 I’m as happy as my blog’s logo to tell you that I’ve decided to self-publish and that my book is here! I’ve been wanting to publish my writings for a long time, but excuses over excuses let fear win for years. Two months ago, though, along came lockdown—and together with it the need to find a creative project to work on.

The result is Mindscapes, a collection of short stories, journal entries, and introspective fiction written over the years and edited over the last few weeks. Together, they create a series of experimental fiction that may be more relatable than expected. And I am so, so proud and excited to share the result with you!

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