September Baby

September 🍂 I’m so ready for sweaters, hot drinks and cosy evenings ☕ as September is my birthday month, in true Virgo fashion I reflected on my year and made some lists (obviously) 📝 I'm not going to share them this time, hopefully I'll be sharing the results soon. But I do want to share some lessons I have learnt, read and resonated with this year. Here's a reminder to myself, and a... list, for you. We all love lists, right? Right... ? 🤓 • Criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt occur during moments of lost compassion (toward yourself and others.) • Whether or not it matters in five minutes or five years, feel what you feel. • There's no point in asking yourself, “What can I do to relax?” Instead, ask, “What do I need to feel safe?” • Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet. • If they don’t chase you when you walk away, keep walking. [...]

Estoy vivo / Y hago tanto ruido

Dear Diary, I am fucking terrified. There, I said it. Deep breaths and would you look at that, it wasn't even that hard – and I sure feel better for it. But wait, I'm letting myself off too easily. That doesn't fix it, and I can't leave it any longer. Sweeping dirt under the carpet only works until you want to walk back into the room and own your space again. And I do. I so do. So here I am, one year and two months later, finally writing this shit because if I don't write, I overflow. It's been one year and two months since my last post on this blog that I love more than any thing (I love some people a little more than this blog, so you'll understand.) I've opened it and looked at it and closed it more times than I can count during this time, but I was never brave enough to hit the Publish button, or even the Write button more than once or twice – and WordPress knows, those were bad drafts. [...]

Light is the New Black

I did the maths and the overthinking and then I went house hunting across the city, with my only condition being that the place was unfurnished. After all, it had always been my dream to decorate my first house – where I had, I just knew I had, to live on my own. The first studio was awful. Tiny, smelly, cheap in every way. I was close to taking it only because it would have been mine. That’s how badly I wanted something of my own. The second place, however, was perfection. A one bedroom flat in the city centre at a price beyond reasonable became my home for the next 12 months. I put all my energy and enthusiasm into furnishing it as quickly as I could while sleeping at my best friend’s house. I must have done it all in less than a week, though. Charity shops, friends’ generosity and some savings made this flat look like everything I had ever dreamed of. And then, I moved in. And I cried. A lot. [...]