No content? No problem. I’ll write it for you. After all, I’ve been writing for a long time. I was only 5 when I proudly declared that I wrote my first book to my parents; a green notebook I used to write the notable events in the life of a caterpillar whose name I can’t remember. At 10 I was named Editor-in-Chief of my classroom’s magazine – it felt big! In high school I went for philology studies, worked at a local newspaper and published my first YA novel, “Memo pentru Sine” (roughly translated as “Self Reminder”). The story was picked up by linguist Sergiu Drincu and literary critic Cornel Ungureanu, who guided me throughout the whole process, and published at Mirton Publishing House in Timișoara. At 27 I have two degrees from the University of Portsmouth: a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Media Studies and a Master’s in Marketing. I gained experience in all things writing working for leading trade and academic publishers (HarperCollins, Little Brown, SAGE Publishing) and various publications, including Schön! Magazine. I now work in travel marketing at Collinson, the parent company of Priority Pass, and aim to be a content strategist. My hope as a writer is to be seen as relatable, genuine and trustworthy, and to tap into the essence of what makes content shareable – here is a feeling you thought only you felt, but is actually universal. To show you the kind of value I can bring you I put together this portfolio. Please scroll through my work and get in touch when you’re done.