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Dynamic personal development coach harnesses the power of ancient Egyptian philosophy in new self-help guide to changing our internal vision to create the lives we want to lead.

Rico Griffiths-Taitte had always been short-sighted. But in 1998, when he suffered a detached retina in his left eye — which had up until that point been the stronger of the two, he was devastated to discover that he would never regain total vision. His new-found health problems, together with a relationship break up and redundancy threw Rico into a deep depression. For several years he was house-bound and partially sighted, imagining what his life would have been like if he had become the full-time illustrator he always wanted to be; surely an impossible quest by then.

One day, Rico inadvertently played the album that would change his life: Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions. The album’s message offered Rico the much needed starting point for searching inside for answers, and he soon began to look into the meaning of perception, prosperity throughout history, and how people view themselves. After completing a course for cartoon and illustration, Rico received a distinction for his drawings; the award was the ultimate game-changer. Determined to start living abundantly in every area of his life, Rico made it his mission to research and refresh ancient philosophies.

He found that the first studies on the philosophy of perception have originated from ancient Africa and were taught extensively in ancient Egyptian times. A key element of the philosophy — and a fundamental element in his book — is the third eye, also known as the inner eye. This mystical concept refers to a speculative eye representing perception beyond ordinary sight, and the ability to see what might be. Rico believes that everyone has the capacity to see their own potential through their third eye, and has since began to share his discoveries in coaching sessions where he hopes to and inspire more people, especially men, to come forward and talk about their emotions. The methods he uses remind them about the ideologies routed in history that can be applied to modern living over a quick fix or fad. He also utilises the concept of the third eye throughout the book to discuss various aspects of life such as loneliness, loss, and relationship difficulties. Gaining a better understanding of how we see and understand ourselves turned Rico’s life around twenty years ago, and continues to be his main interest today.

Rico works with audiences who are well-read in topics of ancient philosophies, personal development and spiritual practices, focused on knowledge and prosperity, and determined to be transformed. In 20/20 You, he shares his experiences and insights with everyone.

About the author: Rico Griffiths-Taitte was born in London to Caribbean parents and has always felt a strong connection to his ancient cultural heritage. He had been working in the corporate world for many years when he was suddenly diagnosed with a detached retina in 1998; this difficult experience proved to be a powerful revelation which led him to study ancient philosophies. Griffiths-Taitte’s period of self-discovery inspired him to see how he could help others to could change their lives through ancient perspectives, and he has since become an authority on ancient views of prosperity. An accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, personal development coach, etymologist and metaphysician, and a member of the Institute of Leaders and Management, Rico founded his own personal development program business in 2008.

 Originally written for Authoright

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