5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience // Accelerate

Let’s talk omnichannel.

Ok, let’s go back one step.

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly turned off by mass selling. Instead, they expect personalized, one-to-one communication across, well, the many channels and devices they use. While some are online-only shoppers and others store-only, most of them now use multiple channels (and devices) throughout their shopping journey.

The challenge for brands is not only to be accessible in their customers’ favourite channels, but also for those channels to deliver a singular, seamless and consistent experience.

This is where improving your brand’s omnichannel customer service strategy comes in! in short, this refers to integrating text, social, email and instant messaging to provide a unified brand experience, so customers can switch between multiple channels, yet still experience the same quality of service.

Customers must feel they can count on you to guide them through a smooth pre-purchase journey first. As for trying out more of your products? That comes later. Yes, yes it does.

Brands who use an omnichannel strategy witness a 250% higher engagement rate than those only using single-channel marketing. Customer retention is 90% more with an omnichannel strategy, and the average order value is 13% more when brands use an omnichannel strategy. See? We told you so.

We have put together 5 ways to improve your omni-channel service strategy, to help you create a positive experience for your customers at every stage of their lifecycle and ensure that their experience remains consistent across all channels by tying all the touch-points together.

Without further ado…

Mobile is HUGE.

This is no secret – we know. More people are searching on mobile and buying on mobile. Therefore, it only makes sense that they’re also seeking customer service support on mobile.

But businesses aren’t keeping up, according to 90% of customers who say that their customer service experience on mobile is generally negative. And what does a poor mobile experience do? It makes them less inclined to do business with, purchase from, or come back to a brand.

Slow loading times also frustrate customers. This means businesses that haven’t optimized their websites for mobile use are losing out to those who have.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies that provide a consistent service quality across multiple channels retain 89% of their customers. Companies that do not provide a consistent quality are only able to retain 33%.

Omnichannel marketing, anyone?

Social Media Response Times Matter 

While social media can be a great customer service tool, the gap between when customers expect an answer after initiating contact and when businesses are actually responding isn’t great.

Research shows that 32% of clients want an answer within 30 minutes, but the average response time for leading businesses is 157 minutes. The percentage of businesses who respond within the expected 30 minutes time frame? Only 8%.

Increasing speed results in such a positive experience for the customer that, in one study that looked at airlines responding to clients on Twitter, a response to a tweet that came in under 6 minutes resulted in a client being willing to pay almost $20 more!

And when you look at stats like Accenture’s finding that 89% of consumers experience frustration at having to repeat their questions to multiple customer service representatives, the value in perfecting one’s omnichannel integration becomes clear.

Omnichannel customer support gives you the opportunity to serve your clients in a variety of ways that are not only convenient and effective, but boost your brand’s image and credibility.

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Customer-Centricity Is King

Cut short. Originall written for Accelerate Agency



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