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Urban backgrounds meet galactic elements and digital art in this imaginative editorial by Kenny Sweeney and Lindsay Heuer, starring enigmatic Kota Eberhardt and Justin Barco. With digital art by Alexander Black, enter into an parallel universe of distorted visions. Simple, key pieces from Helmut Lang and Mr. Completely play their role in bringing fantasy to life in this modern visual story.

Kota wears  Shirt & trousers / Helmut Lang  Hat / Alexander Black Justin wears  Shirt / Vintage

All clothes / Helmut Lang

All clothes / Helmut Lang

All clothes / Helmut Lang Shoes / Mr. Completely

Kota wears Shirt and pants / Helmut Lang  Shoes / Vintage Justin wears Shirt / Alexander Wang Trousers / Helmut Lang

This Schön! exclusive online editorial was produced by

Photography / Kenny Sweeney and Lindsay Heuer
Digital Art & Illustration / Alexander Black
Models / Kota Eberhardt and Justin Barco @ Photogenics
Hair / Ruthie Quevedo
Make Up / Nathan Hejl



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by / November 5th, 2014

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