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If the thought of dropping your favourite gadgets in the water always makes you want to hide them in your beach bag, know that technology is working on your dreams. Here are five fantastic devices for that geeky summer holiday.

The most versatile camera in the world’s advanced version, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition, is smaller and lighter than its bestselling predecessor, has longer battery life and faster built-in Wi-Fi. For GBP 359.99 you get to have a play with the SuperView™ video mode, which captures a much wider angle perspective, and the Auto Low Light mode that intelligently adjusts frame rate for low-light performance. Other features include a sharper lens, improved image quality and audio – and did we mention it’s waterproof to 131’/40m? As they say – wear it, mount it, love it.

How do you feel about binge-watching your favourite TV show while working on your tan at the pool – or even better, in the water? Sony has created Xperia Z2, the slimmest and lightest tablet that stays waterproof for up to 30 minutes in fresh water. It’s available for USD 499.99 for a 16 GB built-in memory or USD 599.99 for 32 GB. Just remember to keep all of its ports and slots shut!

The iGills SE-35 Smart Diving System works in two ways: first, the smartphone waterproof case protects your phone up to depths of 130 feet. Second, its integrated computer system syncs to your phone and provides computer functionality through six buttons on the outside of the case – next to depth, time and temperature sensors. Other features available are a digital compass, an emergency flashlight to see what’s under that rock, and underwater still photography, filming and instant sharing options. iGills also automatically generates a dive log when you hit the water – it creates a dive event, stores your depth profile and links pictures and videos captured, so that once you’re back at the surface everything is organised. Media generated with iGills can be synced, posted or emailed directly from your phone before you’re even back on the boat. For USD 329.99 your iPhone gets to go amphibian!

Imagine underwater Google Glasses, only much more affordable than you’d think. At only GBP 119.99, Model 305 Hydra Series HD 720P is a dive mask with built-in camera that lets you take great hands-free photos and spend the rest of your money on your scuba diving trips. It’s even got a video mode, and the estimated battery performance is 2.0 hours of HD 720P video. The buttons are really easy to use with diving gloves, so all there is left to say is happy snapping!

The cherry on the top of this list is the American specially engineered Barbecue Dining Boat – you know, for when you go fishing and suddenly want a barbecue! The fully equipped grill  measures almost 12 feet in diameter and has a 24-inch steel charcoal grill and a 30-watt electric motor, capable of eight hours of continuous BBQ’ing. The ABS table has 10 place settings that each have plate and beverage holders and silverware tray. The nylon umbrella can be retracted when using the grill, so although it costs USD 50,000 there are no excuses to, well, not give it a thought or two at least.

The only thing that’s left now is to think where to go first. We would suggest somewhere just as exotic as the new devices you’re going to be holding, like a natural swimming pool! Think Gunlom Plunge Pool in Kakadu National Park, Australia, or Grotta della Poesia in Italy.

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