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Originally written for Vertical Leap

Struggling to decide how to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you! From putting the best vegan chocolate bars to test, to finding the best kissing spots for you and your valentine, here’s a rundown of our best vegan gifts and date ideas.

45g of organic, handmade chocolate

And did we mention free from dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars? Our selection of Pana Chocolate bars ranges from Strawberry and Pistachio to Fig and Wild Orange. This is chocolate with consciousness at its core – and, as you can probably already tell, lots and lots of flavour.

If one bar just won’t do, grab a few let your vegan valentine tell you what they like best. Surely you don’t know everything about each other. Shouldn’t you at least know what their favourite chocolate is? We can almost guarantee it will be a Pana by the time they get to tell you.

Here’s one we like, to get you started: The Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry and Vanilla bar

Conscious organic raw chocolate… from Conscious

This is not going to be easy. We have over 10 bars from Conscious’s innovative new range of raw, organic, handmade chocolate, and we couldn’t choose one if we tried. And we tried. We tried them all. Multiple times. Vegan and sweetened with either agave nectar or rice syrup, this collection’s exciting range of highly concentrated and exceptionally delicious flavours is a gift in itself.

Some, like the Conscious Chilli Hot, are subtly spiced for an unforgettable fiery experience. Sound like the kind of Valentine’s Day atmosphere you’re looking to create? Others, like Conscious Simply Saintly, are designed to give you all the highs with none of the lows. More like you?

For a more Valentine’s-sounding name, we suggest going with Conscious Love Potion No 9, a sensuous, exciting chocolate, made with min 65% cacao solids. Who said love potions come only in bottles?

A Trip to Planet Organic. As Nature Intended.

We know the weekly shop, the once-a-week event involving you and your valentine pushing a trolley up and down every aisle, is kind of dead. And we are not surprised. Why would you leave the house anymore when we can deliver you all the chocolatey goodness that you both need? But we digress.

Planet Organic, Britain’s largest fully certified organic supermarket chain, is packed with raw, vegan, organic chocolate options for you to choose from. And we heard that so is the British independent As Nature Intended.

If you are the type to choose chocolate over a candlelit dinner, surprise your valentine’s with a trip down the sweets lane of an organic shop and indulge together. We can’t guarantee it, but they may just love you for it. We know we would love you for it.

The Clever Little Chocolate Bar Goes to the Beach

We’re not making any assumptions here, but we think chocolate goes hand in hand with coffee. There, we said it. And so have the IQ Superfood Chocolate makers all the way in Scotland, who make intelligent food good for you and your taste buds (and your valentine’s.)

IQ use the finest single origin sundried Criollo beans from the Rio Negro valley in Peru to make the IQ Espresso-Kick Coffee bar, a blend or organic coffee and 70% raw cocoa. We think this is a Valentine’s gift for real smarties. But we’re not making any assumption.

Make your loved one a highly smiley individual by filling your coat pockets with some good ol’ chocolate bars and taking them down to the nearest beach for a romantic walk filled with love, smiles and chocolate.

Happy lovebirds day from us at The Raw Chocolate Shop!


 Originally written for Vertical Leap

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