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When an eleven year old boy is asked a very difficult question by a pat of two million pink flamingos, he knows exactly whom to turn to for the answer: creation.

In the great Rift Valley of Kenya lives Traya, the boy from a poor Indian family with the most astonishing gift: he can speak to everything that has ever been brought into existence. Set out to seek his purpose and true nature — or dhrama — Traya begins using his power to speak to the great teachers whose wisdom is often overlooked. His hope is that understanding their purposes and reflecting upon them will prove to be the key to discovering his very own.

This is a journey you will recognise, a guidebook to life presented with childlike clarity. Surya the Sun teaches him about shining equally on all beings, and Varuna the Ocean — about the deep quiet that lies below the wilds storms of the mind. The Spider shows him how to create the world around him from within, the Fire helps him overcome the sadness of the spark inside him not being seen, and from the Bees he learns to take only a little nectar. Prepare to be enthralled, delighted, and transformed as you follow the young adventurer’s encounters with twenty four animals, elements and celestial beings, each one helping Traya to steer his thoughts away from confusion and guide himself throughout the depths of his inner being.

Traya’s Quest is a series of timeless teachings about the great eternal moral and spiritual laws and the condensed knowledge of the ancient masters, making it a story for young and old alike. Paulette Agnew simplifies complex truths and translates many experiences, visions, and perceptions of universal appeal through the eyes of her main character, all packed with sacred knowledge hidden in all the great scriptures.

About the author: Paulette Agnew divides her time between Snowdonia, Scotland, and Dublin — where she runs a yoga and meditation school. Born of rock climbing and mountaineering parent, Agnew grew up in Cumbria and Scotland and received a degree in Biochemistry from Manchester University, then taught herself the art of survival in the wilderness, worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the United States Agency for International Development, and ran trauma healing programs focused on rehabilitating child soldiers in Southern Sudan. She is now an award-winning inspirational speaker.

 Originally written for Authoright

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