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The barbershops that flourished in the 1920s in the United States had one main thing in common: the old school, true masculine atmosphere of yesteryear, surrounding one as soon as they entered – one reminiscent of Clint Eastwood narrowing his eyes in his iconic film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Along with liquor poured until they reached the bottom of the bottle, music and squeaking sounds emanating from creaking turntables, and thick pipe smoke filling the space, the men of the city would gather every day to escape the worries of daily life and get the comfort that comes from quality service and good company.

100 years later, thousands of kilometres to the east and with an insatiable Israeli audacity, a new barbershop opened and quickly became the next hot thing in Tel Aviv. Jamili Barbershop was founded by Ron Jamili, a colorful figure himself, determined to convey his vision of the sanctuary that is a male barbershop and transform four walls into one continuous image of how it all used to be. And when it comes to Ron Jamili’s walls, you can be sure that not one inch will be left without character.

At first glance, the barbershop looks like something out of a movie set. As you come closer, the light-studded shop window offers a glimpse into what is happening inside – like watching an old recording playing on a television screen. First-time customers and curious passers-by are easily drawn in by the atmosphere, which only intensifies when they pull the door and enter the kingdom.

Two floors divide the space and create two separate scenes. The transition feels like running through a moving film, especially when you are new to the experience. The first floor is based on the 1920s in the dirty south of the United States. It’s thoughtfully designed as a rough pub with polished wooden floors, turquoise chairs, peeling walls full of vintage ornaments and incandescent bulbs dangling from the ceiling through the most impressive types of hats – the types you don’t see so often nowadays.

The second floor throws one into a similarly spectacular, yet completely different scene. Welcome to the Wild West – and oh, how wild it is! The place unfolding before your eyes is designed as a brothel with red wallpaper, chairs from the 30s in black, white and gold tones and elegant, jazz-blues rhythms. It all creates an authentic and relaxed atmosphere, a complementary experience to the first floor, and a whole new world in itself.

Every member of the team is an artist who thinks creatively to deliver to you the highest-level living room experience. The barbers are dressed accordingly, greeting customers in their tailored suits with matching hats and leather aprons. Elegant music is playing at all times and alcohol is poured into the customers’ glasses as they wait.

Picture Blue Wheat Belgian beer flowing into your glass, alongside the whiskey chasers sliding slowly down your throat. And, if coffee is your poison, it won’t be a second until you find yourself holding a cup. There’s always freshly ground coffee at the ready here. Expect lots of style, lots of class and a positive approach at all times.

Jamili Barbershop is both a splendid experience for first-timers and a warm-hearted reminder that there’s nothing like conversation between real people for regulars. Maybe you’ll become one, too.

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