Anca is a fantastic content copywriter.

During her time working with me, she was responsible for creating content for a very large and highly engaged audience.

She performed the role with very positive outcomes and produced content that our Members thoroughly enjoyed reading!

James Baker // Membership and Communications Manager, The Collinson Group

This is a fantastic collection of short pieces, both in the sense this word has become to mean and in its real meaning. I think that Mindscapes is about writing, love, getting to know yourself, beliefs and probably other things too.

Anca describes her fiction as “slightly surreal; introspective”. It’s certainly that but more: any would-be so-called ‘creative writer’ should read it.

To my mind it’s truly Romanian, bringing to mind some of my favourite Romanian poets, though it’s poetical not poetry; also strangely, Romanian landscapes.

I’ve been dipping into it each day since it arrived, one mindscape a day. I wouldn’t recommend more; each is worthy of at least a day to assimilate and begin, perhaps, to understand. One dip is not enough and I’m happy to have it on my bookshelf to dip into again and again.


I absolutely loved your latest video! I related soooo much with pretty much everything you said! Thank you for opening up with the public! I truly believe you’re an awesome human being that respects other people’s cultures, opinions and beliefs, but most importantly, has high standards and values in place. Keep up with the great work! ❤️

P. S. I just wanted to add that I wrote you just because I really felt like writing you to somehow let you know that there’s people like me that truly understand where you’re coming from and that your way of perceiving life is beautiful! I’m glad I watched your video! 😊


I must admit that this has been one of those books that helped me relive some of my own memories from those youthful agitated years. There are a few places where you have no choice but to ask yourself, reality, fiction, reality inspired fiction. While the book effort can be easily transposed into hours of work, the inspiration, temptation to travel back into those corners of the author’s mind to scrape the walls of imagination for more is, in fact, my expectation now.

Mindscapes Amazon Review: Captivating and Inspiring

Loving your tone of voice and your storytelling skills. Great job! :)


During her time with us at Schön! Magazine we found Anca to be a dedicated contributor to the magazine, confident and good in her research, writing and supporting skills. She remained enthusiastic and devoted to any task assigned to her whether it was exciting or more mundane. She was professional and hard-working at all times and her jovial disposition made her a good team member. All tasks given, Anca managed with innovative creativity.

Raoul Keil // Editor-in-Chief Schön! Magazine

I have been struggling to find those perfect words to define both my business, and myself, until I found Anca. Magic happened, all surfaced into the light so quickly because of her professionalism! She completely understood my tone and ambition, and it was impressive how close her writing style was to my own voice! I have already recommended Anca to my friends and I hope to be able to work together with her soon.

Laura Trif // Laura Trif Photography

Promptitudine si profesionalism. Idei bine structurate si s-a pliat foarte repede si usor pe nevoile mele. Am fost foarte încântată de rezultatul final. Am ramas profund surprinsa de ce a iesit. Pe langa toate astea, isi ia timp sa explice pe intelesul tuturor cam cum urmeaza gestionat un site dupa ce a fost realizat. Recomand cu toata increderea si cu tot dragul. ❤️

Laura Forț //

The book arrived to me yesterday, sometime in the afternoon and I started reading it slowly, with small breaks between the pages. The reading session continued for a long time during the day light that and it didn’t stop at midnight, it didn’t stop until late in the morning today.

As soon as I woke up, made a cup of coffee and page by page, phrase by phrase, thought by thought I continued until there were none left to read and to imagine. I did enjoy it and I might read it again sometime, just to get, maybe, a few more details out of it.

I am a curious person, I enjoy reading and to put it better: to feel “and see what it’s like to be inside a beautiful mind.”

Mindscapes Amazon Review: Enjoyable & Gripping

Anca will be a positive addition to any organisation she joins. We found her hard working and quick to pick up on many of the concepts we introduced her to, as well as being a very pleasant person to have in the office.

David Hollands-Hurst // a451 Digital Marketing