My name is Anca. I am a writer, journalist, and marketer, and this is my journal of things I enjoy and moments I live. I was born in Timișoara, Romania on September 12, 1992. At 5, I proudly declared that I wrote my first book to my parents – a green notebook I used to write the notable events in the life of a caterpillar. And, ever since that moment, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to write another…

In high school I went for philology studies, joined a debate club (ARDOR Banat), worked at a local newspaper (Opinia Timișoarei) and published my first YA novel, “Memo pentru Sine” (roughly translated as “Self Reminder”). The story was picked up by linguist Sergiu Drincu and literary critic Cornel Ungureanu, who guided me throughout the whole process, and published at Mirton Publishing House.

I moved to the UK in 2011 and got two degrees from the University of Portsmouth – a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Media Studies and a Master’s in Marketing. Later, I moved to London and gained experience in all things writing & editing from leading trade and academic publishers such as HarperCollins, Little Brown and SAGE Publishing, and various publications, including Schön! Magazine.

These days I live in Bologna, Italy, write surreal & introspective fiction (I published Mindscapes in May 2020), and freelance. No content? No problem. I’ll write it for you. In all that I do workwise, my aim is to tap into the essence of what makes content shareable – here comes a feeling you thought only you felt, but is actually universal. If you’re looking for a writer for your brand, find me anytime at Copy & Coffee.

I write for those who filled my formative years with books and films and magic. For those who saw the fire in my eyes and wanted to play with it. For those who rekindled my spark when I thought I’d lost it. Energy is contagious, and I am so damn grateful. But first – for the girl I’ll never be, for the girl I almost am. Every story is about her. Even the ones about other people.

Welcome to my playground.