My name is Anca. I am a writer, and Intensify It is my journal of things I enjoy and moments I live. Some real. Most fictionalised.

I was born in Timișoara, Romania. In 2011 I moved to the UK to study journalism, and spent the next couple of years working in publishing in London.

Now I live in Portsmouth, completing my master’s in marketing, writing surreal and introspective fiction, and mapping out the future. The last one is the trickiest.

I write for those who filled my formative years with books, for those who saw the fire in my eyes, for those who always rekindled my spark.

For everyone who read my stories before they existed. You are the reason why they exist now.

But firstly, I write for the girl I’ll never be, for the girl I almost am.

Every story is about her. Even the ones about other people.

Welcome to my playground.


For all enquiries, including

  • blog features
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  • advice about life
  • freelancing
  • any resemblance between one of my characters and you

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