On Fire, But Not Burning

from a work in progress Melanie is the product of somebody's imagination, a character in a story still being written. As she develops – as she is being developed – she begins to question her existence in between her maker's writing sessions. Why can't she remember her childhood? What do the blank spaces mean? Who put her in this scenario, … Continue reading On Fire, But Not Burning


To the Lucky Ones

for Letters of Love Dear lucky one, I hope this letter finds you alive – all senses and engines burnings – and well. It might find you waiting in line at the Christmas market. It might find you taking a break from sitting in the sun. It might find you doing research for a paper. It … Continue reading To the Lucky Ones


“The world is not made up of atoms; it’s made up of stories.” — Muriel Rukeyser ‘A week? A whole damn week?’ she complained. That wasn’t what she had planned for. Then again, it wasn’t her who planned it in the first place. Rolling her eyes at the sudden, unpleasant thought, she walked slowly across the room, towards the window. [...]