Piece of Mind

13 thoughts on “Piece of Mind”

  1. I want more. I know the kind of girl you speak of. It is about watching her and listening. She makes you stop thinking about yourself, except about yourself thinking about her. She becomes the world you want to live in. She’s got all the philosophy correct. Nothing and nowhere else means anything. You can fall into her. Every line of her body is correct. Every word is brilliant. As she sits, as she walks, as she lays, you find it intriguing. I still pine for that woman. No one else can measure to her and thus I just wander through life. I have been with and known the woman I desire, but by her actions it was as if she uttered: “I believe we’re done here.”


    1. Well, that was wonderful to read. My character was, in fact, talking to her own reflection, but you don’t know this. I love the way you saw it, the way you describe her. Thank you! I’ll write more.


      1. It wasn’t fair. The image shows the picture of the woman the protagonist and the reader were drawn to. At least for me, she lay in the ultimate pose with the ultimate physique. Then you talk about another woman, two women, a narrator and a character. As a heterosexual male, I felt I was not welcome.

        Now, you are talking about a conversation between the protagonist and herself. I am made hungry and I have just had a full meal and almost a bag of cookies. You’d think I’d had enough honey.

        I had wanted you to write more about their liaison, but this is the same person, perhaps such an encounter would be like a striptease.

        I want to know more about the woman and what she thinks. I want to know how I could interest such a woman, but I suspect it is all fantasy.


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