Dorina Supereroina

Do you like fiction books? How about sausage dogs? Or maybe both? Then I have something for you ♥️

I wrote and published Dorina Supereroina: Stories of a Magical Sausage Dog Who Can Speak to Children 📖 last month after the NaNoWriMo challenge, and now it’s finally here!

I’d love for you to read it, too, and let me know if you like it as much as I liked writing it ✍🏼

‘Is that me on the cover ???’

Here’s the story behind the cute cover:

@dorinasupereroina is a magical sausage dog puppy who lives with her human parents in Bologna, Italy.

She figures out that she can talk to children under 12 and help them solve some tricky problems, but she has to use her special superpowers to do so.

A delightful book that will have readers laughing out loud and falling in love with this quirky and friendly character, if I do say so myself…

Order a copy (or 20, like me 📚) here:

🇬🇧 click here for the UK

🇮🇹 click here for Italy

🇺🇸 click here for the US

🇦🇺 click here for Australia

All other markets available. Kindle version, too.

And hey, if you do like it, maybe… tell a friend? Or… all of them?

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‘Quick, smile, I think they’re taking a photo!’

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