There Is Another World, but It Is in This One

76 thoughts on “There Is Another World, but It Is in This One”

  1. Reblogged this on Cristian Mihai and commented:
    I’m so sorry, but this is another phenomenal short story. I just had to reblog. It’s just amazing, and even though it’s a bit longer than what most people are used to reading on the web, it’s so worth the time. It would be worth paying money, a lot of money to read a story like this.


  2. This was truly amazing. I only intended to read a paragraph (as it was indeed entitled 5,000 words)! I wish I could transform my imagination into words like this. Great :)



  3. I was enthralled and could not stop reading, because like Mia, I wanted to know how the story went. Thank you for captivating me. Also thank Christian Mihai for re-blogging it.


      1. I have to thank Cristian Mihai also, he brought me here. (side-topic – why are we commenting in english :p)


      1. I forgot to add “be a” and this irks me so. :) I believe I am going to attempt to mirror your story with one of my own. I really enjoyed yours and will send you a link when I am finished!


  4. Wow, this truly sucked me in, it was almost like being there. I must say, I don’t usually get that involved in a writing of this depth, unless it has a binding… I Love this expression of life. This very well could have happened to me… Again… WoW… Well done!


  5. Your story has so many amazing quotes! I love it and had to share with friends. I look forward to reading more of your amazing stories.

    Do you post elsewhere by the way? Like tumblr, wattpad, or figment?


      1. Wattpad? You should be publishing on paper and kindles and nooks and stuff like that.


  6. Wow. Just wow. I’m a 17 year old teenager and an aspiring writer. I would want to learn from you, ma’am. I would LOVE to learn from you. O.O That, if you won’t mind.
    I usually skip whenever I get so confused reading deep thoughts and words… but this was just—- exceptional! *_*
    If I can just enter your thoughts and live there forever… This story truly made my day.. From this day onwards, I proclaim myself as your fan (That, if you accept me, ma’am).. You are truly an inspiration especially to me, who is still learning the art of writing. It would such be a privilege and a huge honor to talk to you personally and meet you in person. I mean whoahhh… Talking to you would be like a dream come true. O.O

    I thank God that He brought me to your blog. *.*
    God bless you and your family.



    1. Wow to your comment! Thank you so much! :)
      We can, of course, talk, but unfortunately I can’t think of anything that I could ‘teach’ you, as writing really does come from the inside… Xx


  7. This was great, quite a unique style of writing, never seen it before, no kidding. Yeah, it was confusing, but then fascinating, and captivating. You should win the Nobel prize. I had a laugh with the part when they get out of the bar and she´s thinking is he going to ask me “Soo do you like the movies?”,”Which way do you go now” and my favourite”well, this was nice right?” That would be a fucked up way to end a date. Other stories I read I see you tend to empower the woman over the guys, which is cool and a new voice.
    P.S-If you start a feminist organisation I´m in. Not because of the cause I just want to be around a whole bunch of girls, they all have to be good looking though, I don´t trust a bad looking people organisation. Did I say great read? Question:have you published anything?


  8. Phenomenal writing. I was planning to read the start then save the rest until later, but there was no chance of that after the first few lines. Absolutely wonderful work. We each have our Mia and our M :)


  9. Anca, What a wonderful expression of the Honest Truth of Life. I felt intimately involved with both characters in the conversation.

    I have Cristian Mihai to thank for pointing me toward you, making me one more fan of yours, happy for your gift of writing! And I agree with his comment.

    You caught me in the 2nd line, seeing the Spirit of this letter; “Someone once said I had a taste for running away, a superficial serenity of mind and a distributive intelligence, keeping me both away from the deep and stuck into the ordinary. The truth is that, well, they were probably right.”
    In my view, this is more Spiritual than most TV Evangelists see and teach.

    Unfortunately, We, the People, are like that all too often, living in our cubicles, oblivious to things bigger than ourselves and our ordinary lives. The more I look into the world, it does seem ignorance is bliss when there are so many big challenges to our common well being in this Future Earth.

    I read your thought as mirroring this thought from the Beginning of things:

    And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
    And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
    Genesis 1:2

    Big Bang! There was Light!

    and darkness is still upon the face of the deep things of Life on this Planet. Since every finds comfort in their individual cocoons in the Matrix, in self-centered perceptions, the Earth still is without form and void to the majority.

    Faith or Belief in this or that is so varied among all of us.

    For NOW, we have Faith, Hope, Love, these three.
    But the Greatest of these is Love.
    1 Corinthians 13


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