Some Words, the Way They Look at You


Picture this: there is an empty space next to you at the table. You make it the shape of everything you need. Now you say hello. This is you at your best, also known as Your Strength, but you haven’t been properly introduced yet. You don’t know what it is, and you don’t know it’s yours. You just know that you like its presence. You let it vanish as you keep doubting your power.

Or you walk to work, heels echoing on the pavement, still a bit of warmth from the bed clinging to you. You take a seat on the bus and fall asleep to the sound of traffic. The night before you were at your desk, hoping it would knock at your door, take off its wet clothes, and sit with you by the fire. Add a glass or two of red wine to the picture. You were tired, but you couldn’t fall asleep, so you waited and waited until dawn. You feel frustrated, not to mention exhausted. You were only just starting to get to know each other, and you couldn’t grab it and make it your own. You don’t know that finding your superpower isn’t like dating. That it’s already in your hands. That you don’t have to wait for it to find you. That you find it by creating it yourself. All you know is that inspiration seems nice, but it’s left you without a word and you don’t know if you’ll ever see each other again.

Or a beautiful man keeps smiling at you like there’s no tomorrow. He has perfect teeth and, when he laughs, you wonder what all that fuss was ever about – that fuss being the entirety of your life until you met. Soon you are making out in the corner booth of what you both decided is now your bar. The light is dim and smoky, and he lets go of his secrets into your mouth, and you learn what his thoughts and dreams and fears taste like. You have never known this much about another person before. He gently bites your neck and you open your eyes again to him in the near-darkness. You know that you had only just scratched the surface before him. Steam rises from both your cups at once and when he says, ‘Look, baby, these tornadoes are for you,’ you watch. You can’t stop watching what he shows you and you don’t think about how long he’ll be there for, because there’s nothing better than meeting somebody who gets you. You just don’t know that somebody is you, and can stay for as long as you want.

You’ll know these moments as they pass you. They’ll come to you, and you’ll feel like coming home, one sweet encounter at a time.

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3 thoughts on “Some Words, the Way They Look at You

  1. I’ll certainly leave the review a little later.
    I just saw this post. I lost the urge to write (for the first time in my 60 years ‘writing life’) and even stopped attending our writers’ club meetings (virtual now). I substituted reading of two massive tomes on Berlioz in the hope that might produce a spark. Vol1 I wouldn’t recommend though I ploughed through it’s c500 pages; vol2 did the trick around p200 (of approaching 800), together with playing the Aurora performance of Symphonie Fantastique. So I haven’t been reading WordPress posts.
    Fire relit, I wrote four short stories and added two and a bit final chapters to my novella (novel?), in which the 2019 Aurora performance features (though Symphonie Fantastique has almost been a third ‘protagonist’ from the first chapter.) There are several earlier chapters to write or to complete.
    So, when I’ve finished the Berlioz I’ll get ‘Mindscapes’ and do another review. Congratulations on publishing it.

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      1. It is. In fact I have not posted on my grumpytyke blog for – I don’t know but a long time. I did do the preliminary ‘review’ on Amazon and as I’ve almost finished my massive read of the life of Berlioz I’ll get Mindscapes and do a proper review after I’ve dipped into it a few times. I’m looking forward to having it on my ‘bookshelf’.


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